Yaguar "Jaguar" derived from "Suollou Saydkar Company, established in Blackpool William Lyons in his 21 birthday. September 1922 Lyons had intended to produce motorcycles, including motorcycles with sidecar. On the emblem depicted a swallow in flight. For five years the company has produced a body for the firms' Austin-7, Suift "," Standard "and" Uolseli. In 1931 the company Suollou Saydkar end Kochbilding Company established its first car "SS" and these two letters were shown on the hexagonal emblem. In 1935, it was decided to give the new name of the company, and of the 500 proposals had been selected "Jaguar" - the fact that it symbolizes the speed, strength and beauty. In the same year, in September, a model of SS Jaguar "on its radiator emblem with beautiful wings. After a while a logo with the head of Jaguar. After the war, the company ceased to use the initials "SS", since they are associated with Schultzstaffel (garrison), Himmler, and adopted the name "Jaguar Karze Ltd".