Mersedes-Bents The company was founded in 1926 under the name "Daimler-Benz AG. It was created through the merger of two companies: the company of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler company.

In 1886, Karl Benz built the world's first car with a gasoline engine. The car was three-. In the same year Gottlieb Daimler created the car on four wheels. After the death of Daimler in 1900, his company has moved his two sons.

Initially the star was the symbol of the company "Daimler." Emblem Daimler invented himself, but as a brand, it was approved only in 1909. There were two versions of the star image - with three or four rays. Both were registered as trademarks, but used only the three had become. This star sivlolizirovala superiority of the company in three environments - on land, water and air.

Company-Benz as a symbol was the steering wheel. This mark was registered in 1903 as a brand. In 1909, the symbol has changed to laurel wreath.

After the merger of both companies in 1926, their logo (the three-star and laurel wreath) were combined, as a symbol of the merger. In its present form the company logo (trehkonechnaya star in circle) is used since 1937.

Mercedes - a pseudonym of Emile Dzhellineka. Emil Dzhellinek - Austrian businessman, diplomat and avtogonschik amateur. In 1899 he won the Stave v Z(IVO "Nays Spill Trail." His nickname he got after his daughter Mercedes (the name comes from the Spanish "good luck"). In 1900, Dzhellinek reserving the right to sell in Austria, France and a new car "Daimler" "simplex" under the name Mercedes. The name soon became popular, and the company started to assign it to all subsequent models.

Dzhellineku likes his nickname, and in 1903 he formally adopted the name Dzhellinek-Mercedes.