Folksvagen Volkswagen ( "people's car") was developed by Professor Ferdinand Porsche as the perfect small car. The plant for the production of "Volkswagen" was built 80 kilometers east of Hanover May 26, 1938. Originally described as a car KdF-Wagen - Kraft durch Freude Wagen. The town was named after the Wolfsburg castle standing nearby Wolfsburg. The coat of arms of Wolfsburg was the first emblem of the car: the castle, and above it a wolf. In addition, the logo image included the steering wheel and gear lever.

Later, when the car appeared in different countries, was adopted by another emblem - the letters VW in terms of (V on W). This emblem is used today.

After the war, the Americans and British were invited to participate in the development and sale of Volkswagen, but the proposal was rejected. No one believed that the proliferation of small cars will be at least a profit. But they were wrong. "Beetle", as it became known, became the most popular car of all time, the automotive industry, and VW was one of the most common automobile emblems.