Futhark - Traditional title runes series. The name comes from the first six runes (F, U, Th, A, R, K).

There are several options runic series.

Very often, runes were used for taynopisi.

Runes are closely associated with trees.

Runes and Trees
runes and Trees. Birch, hawthorn, elder, beech, elm, oak, willow, viburnum, alder, aspen, holly holly, rowan...

Origin of runes
The origin of runes. There are several theories of origin Futhark. The first said that...

Making runes
The best way to make runes for divination from natural materials - wood,

We know of at least six of runes taynopisi. The best known branching runes (Kvist-runes), and hip-roof runes (Tjald-runes).

Options Futhark
Futhark options. There are several options Futhark...