Guido von List (1848 - 1919) - German researcher runes and famous occultist, founder of the school runes magic.

He believed that there was an initial series of runic composed of 18 runes (it is mentioned in the "Oldest Edde). Runes he was one of the visions that visited him after surgery to remove cataracts.

Runic sheet has a certain number of order:

 1. Fa (F) 10. Ar (A)
2. Ursache (U) 11. Sig (S)
3. Thor (T) 12. Tyr (T)
4. Os (O) 13. Bar (B)
5. Rit (R) 14. Laf (L)
6. Ka (K) 15. Man (M)
7. Hagal (H) 16. Yr (Y)
8. Not (N) 17. Eh (E)
9. Is (I) 18. Gibor (G)
Futhark named armanicheskim as it relates to theories armanizma - racist theories of Nazi Germany.

"Guido von sheet was also based" Thule Society ", messages of German racial superiority and purity of the German nation. It is believed that many top Nazi officials, including Hitler, Go"ring and Gimler were its members and influences ideas of von Liszt. < br />
There are even suggestions that the basis for a well-known as the SS emblem Fleece S - a symbol of power and force. "