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Image 1
On the faces of five stones (height of 7 feet) are cut more than 800 runes. They praise the King Tiodrika (IX century)...

Image 2
runes on the stones tell about a woman who inherited the estate of his daughter. Nevsegda runic inscriptions on the stones were magical, probably this stone marked the boundary of inherited land...

Figure 3
This silver amulet (IX century) depicts the hammer of Thor (Melnir)...

Image 4
Gotlandsky carved stone...

Image 5
This stone is an twelve-foot column, which shows the whole story...

Image 6
Runny stone from the island Kingiktorsoaka...

Image 7
runes stone with an inscription and a picture of horse warrior...

Image 8
runes Marble lion with an inscription. This marble lion (height 3,5 m) from 1687 is located in Venice, which was brought out...

Image 9
Runny stone. On this stone are both senior and junior runes...

Figure 10
Runny stone

Figure 11
Runny stone. Upland, Sweden...

Figure 12
Runny stone. Jutland, Denmark...

Figure 13
Silver fibula-amulet. Karni, France...

14 Preview
Runny stone from the island of Gotland...

15 Preview

16 Preview
A wooden board with runami. Norway

 Runny stone. Sweden
 Runny stone from Hillerse. Sweden
 Silver amulet. Molot Torah. Sweden
 Gotlandsky carved stone
 Gotlandsky carved stone
 Runny stone from the island Kingiktorsoaka
 Runny stone. Upland, Sweden
 Marble runes lion with the inscription
 Runny stone
 Runny stone
 Runny stone. Upland, Sweden
 Runny stone. Jutland, Denmark
 Silver fibula phylactery Karni France