Algiz Algiz - one of the runes used in the Battle Magic Scandinavian North. She hit on the shield carved on weapons in order to secure a victory. In the modern tradition Algiz seen primarily as a rune volshby in its practical aspect, that is, Fleece, amplifying the personal force of practicing runes on the one hand, and protect it during the ritual - with the other. When it comes to daily life, emphasizes the protective function of the runes: it is believed that it can create barriers to the possible invasion of your life outside malevolent forces. Along with runoy Teiwaz, the correct application Algiz a reliable protection against someone else's witchcraft, evil eye or damage. To ensure that a similar protection is not necessary to resort to sophisticated and complex rituals paternoster, simply wear the amulet with its image. This helps to exacerbate the ability of humans to anticipate his danger, and sometimes to prevent it in any way. Working with Algiz to volshby should, however, remember that the use of this powerful runes requires considerable human cost "personal power".