Ansuz Magic runes Ansuz application directly derives from its content and symbolism. Spells on the basis of its push to the wise decision would help in achieving or enhancing the success or leadership. Moreover, as rune directly related to the creator Futhark One, Ansuz protector of predictions, prophecies, and magic in general. Created on the basis of spells will be a reliable tool to any practice. We have already talked about acquiring one runes as a result of mystical insight, and because Ansuz considered runoy mage, traveling between worlds.

Being placed on any object involved in volshbe or amulet, it also will protect and bring good inspiration necessary for any magic act. R. Blum, and after him, and many modern practices led a number of very specific situations in which rune Ansuz can be used by the most favorable way. Since Ansuz protects both the tests and the magic of speech, it is quite effective at taking exams. The same applies to business negotiations. And in both case is to keep carrying any object with the image Ansuz, bring the strength of the runes.