Dagaz Major magical impact runoy Dagaz, is to provide a satisfactory outcome - no matter if it's successful completion of a project, achieving a goal or successful resolution of any situation. At the conceptual level rune Dagaz embodies the unity of the two concepts associated with the term "day": on the one hand, this is the new day, the light which is able to disperse the night darkness and the pre-twilight, on the other - this summer afternoon, symbolizing prosperity and abundance. Thus, if in the first case brought Dagaz runoy transformation, the second it is runoy completion. In runic spells can be used both sides of runes. Thus, Dagaz able to bring the end of a dark period of your life and the beginning of a bright, blessed period, insight mystic light runes. Like rune of transformation, it is very efficient to implement, in modern language, "a breakthrough" in any area of your operations or shift to delay the process of "dead spots". In addition, it can try to change your own attitudes and behavior and influence opinions and set the people around you. It is no coincidence, according to Futharku, Dagaz appears runoy speech. Like rune of completion and well-being, Dagaz able to consolidate a wealth of working with her master, and emotional stability and inner harmony. Masters, practicing runic volshbu especially appreciate runu Dagaz as a "compass, indicating a threshold or a time of transition. This aspect allows the use of Dagaz to determine the most opportune time for the ritual - an act of creating a set of runes for divination or volshby, creating runes spells or runes mascot. In addition, it is believed that Dagaz able to give the forces necessary to carry out the ritual itself. This rune is useful in the healing. In this area, it can help treat chronic or prolonged illness.