Ehwaz We have one of the signs that current practice calls runami transformation, the sign of an extremely powerful, because Ehwaz itself refers to a group of runes volshby. Its main purpose in terms of magic is changing as the transformation of the circumstances surrounding the peace or a change as moving from one world to another. However, this rune might change, "push" of a process, which entered a phase of stagnation. The same applies to the processes occurring in the human body, so it is possible to use Ehwaz in an attempt to cure chronic disease. It is believed that Ehwaz able to remove a person from "a mental hibernation" to help him turn away from sterile reflection on those or other questions, find answers, to which he is not currently in force, that is, get rid of "fixated" on any issue. Do not think that in itself the power Ehwaz change during a chronic illness, yet it is certain to affect the underlying processes, which, in turn, transform mental state of the patient, and thereby give him strength to fight the disease, into recovery. A useful Ehwaz to facilitate travel, particularly when it comes to travel on water. In addition Fleece Ehwaz extremely effective for "posylaniya", in other words, the direction of spells in the desired location. If a practitioner creates a paternoster is not for himself but for another person, you should take some action so that it impacted on the person or his circumstances - this could have a substantial assistance Fleece Ehwaz. Another area of use is related to Ehwaz, as a symbol of Sleypnira, mystical horse, on which one travels between worlds, which makes itself runu, mystical tool transportatsii. F. Asvind believed that meditation at this Rune promotes mystical and shamanistic journeys or travels in the spirit ".