Eihwaz Using runes Eihwas to volshby quite widely, but the whole range of opportunities in one way or another connected with the sacred World Tree North - Iggdrasilem. The tradition believes that the forces of runes Eihwas treated in order to penetrate the mysteries of Iggdrasilya, the secrets of life and death. In this aspect of his use of magic Eihwas became runoy wisdom. As a symbol of the world's Drewa connects all nine worlds, Eihwas used to establish a link between them. Modern sources interpret this as a link between the various layers or levels of reality. Dealing with this aspect of runes Eihwas extremely difficult and requires not only the vast experience of working both with individual runami, and with the entire spells, not just large stock of personal magical power, but also the understanding of magical arts and the occult sciences in general. According to the words Sigrdrivy "Fleece Eihwas belongs to a group of runes surf, although the nature of magical effects it should be attributed to runam transformation. The second important area of its application in volshbe is protected, and it should be noted that Eihwas, along with Isa, one of the most powerful protective runes. The peculiarity of her is that through this rune, you can protect not only themselves but also people close to you: it requires its plot, focusing on the way to who you want to support or protect. Those who practice runic yoga, and believe it related to the mysteries of life and death rune Eihwas can help in acquiring the memory of past incarnations.