Fehu Magic runes Fehu application relates to property, wealth. Put on a ring, bracelet, necklace, rune can help to get out of the needs, guiding and pushing for opportunities. Talisman with runoy Fehu may even protect against errors in the acquisition of real estate, it helps to preserve and multiply.

Talisman this runoy protects its owner from harm and unforeseen circumstances in the transport of valuables and expensive goods. It is unlikely that the money immediately fell on you from heaven, but to find work or start a new business it will help create a mascot situation where you can make a profit.

In addition, the rune Fehu able to provide some assistance in the harmonization of relations between a man and a woman, but the scope of the runes is limited to the physical relationship, but when it comes to emotions, it is able to touch only the most common manifestations. Runa Fehu not able to help resolve the psychological or emotional problems caused by the deeper, underlying reasons for this should be made to help other runes.