Gebo According to Robert Blum, the use of rune Gebo to volshby connected to the main content of runes partnership in all spheres of life and spheres of human activity. This rune embodies the energy of two or more people who are united and have force of reach for any of them individually. "Regardless of the fact whether it is in the paternoster as principal or as an additional rune, its effect is always positive. Most it applies to love and, in particular, sexual magic, as concluded in a harmony and unity of men and women began to contribute completion of internal conflicts. spells through runes Gebo help find not just a physical balance, but the balance of spiritual and physical principles in man. Extremely efficient, this rune, and if used to strengthen the love and friendships that can lead to a free and prosperous partnership. Regardless of the scope, what is the relationship (ie, it is a partnership), Gebo volshba does not imply dissolution of one person to another and in no way attempts to identity of any of the partners. All of the interpretation of runes agree that one aspect of Gebo is a gift as a connection with higher forces. Accordingly, the Gebo runu possible to use to seek advice and assistance to those forces that you (for themselves) is the highest. Some of runes volshby believes that through the runes can be a successful attempt to "establish a link with the most ancient and wise part of your own soul." In addition, Gebo can also be helpful for the accumulation of your magic power. You can use Gebo and established on the basis of her spells, and in the field of business relations. Runa help in choosing the right partner, to consolidate and support the contacts. In general, this rune is considered to be extremely strong as a paternoster, and a talisman, bringing luck and success.