Hagalaz In modern practice runes volshby rune Hagalaz is mainly used to break those patterns and schemes evolved by the events leading to the destruction of personality. Thus, Hagalaz can help break the "vicious circle" of events, circumstances or experiences. Such experience is particularly obsessive state of pity for himself, which takes a lot of mental strength and as a result of impact on health. In other words, a person falls ill, not because of any objective reason, and he brings himself to the disease. Continuing muchaya a perebiraniem own failures, we unconsciously set to the failure of succeeding. Thus a negative model, which is to subdue the behavior, and the mindset of people, as a result he was no longer able to discern any opportunity open to him or the situation changes for the better. Whatever happens, everything is already perceived as a failure or defeat. Realize that you are in the captivity of endless internal reflection of the failures of the mistress that prevent the formation of a negative model - is the path of liberation. If you see that in this situation was someone else, try to create a paternoster, based on the Rune, for him. You do not have to constantly stay close to him, not necessarily his presence in the spells, or with the burning of what he has suffered. Just be vycherchivaya runes, think about it or call it a mental image.

Hagalaz - not able to remove the desired effect, ie, to weaken or undermine the others' volshbu if you feel its effect or its presence in their lives. The simplest example of such "foreign volshby" is the "evil eye". In addition, Hagalaz able to protect against someone who you think you bad influence on you. Some practices have argued that the ability to even Hagalaz otvadit "energy vampire," but we do not have reliable evidence.