Inguz Inguz - one of the few runes, directly mentioned the name of one of asov, and therefore it is under his direct patronage. Runic spells, which have this rune, turning to the forces of light exactly Freire, with the creation of spells or a mascot should be remembered that this treatment should be fully conscious. Freire worshiped in the Nordic countries, primarily as a god of fertility, and therefore related rune will be most effective in spells to ensure fertility, growth (as growth of plants, as well as internal growth Rights practicing runes). As one of the "healing runes, rune Inguz very effective in spells whose purpose is to enhance general health and balance as the body's vital forces, both internal and external circumstances. Traditionally it is believed that Inguz protects agriculture. This rune governs magic spells and rituals. It can be used for awakening dormant abilities and skills and help them to full maturity and disclosure. With regard to specific applications, Inguz able to effectively assist in the healing of female infertility or male impotence. It is used for the purpose of stress relieving, and if you think that your efforts in any field do not bring fruit or a desired outcome.