Isa Rune Isa - one of the most powerful in terms of magic runes. Currently, there are two tendencies, differing in runic paternoster appointment on the basis of the runes, but they both agree that this is an extremely effective protective rune. From the evidence of a pipsqueak dispersed in the early medieval manuscripts, it appears that the old tradition of Isa considered mainly as runu "freeze", the suspension of which would be everywhere. This is followed, and some of the modern practitioners runes volshby who believe that through the Isa can be suspended (but not entirely eliminate) the negative processes in one way or another affect the lives of every one of us, such as "retard" during the illness. This feature allows you to create Isa runes spells whose purpose will impact not only on those events that occur to those who work with runami, but also on events of relevance to people close to him or his place in the immediate surroundings. Focusing on the Rune, visualize its form, can be like "retard" and thereby gain the necessary breathing space to allow for the best way out of this situation. Fleece is very important as the rune of protection - helping to both external (events occurring around you, everyday life), and at the domestic level (your own emotions, thoughts) to create a "magic shell ice. If you think that the protection is only required to volshby domestic level, would be a useful talisman containing also runu Sowulo. On the external level paternoster event, consisting of repeated multiple times Isa runes will help you take events under control and do not lose it. Once again a great help here would Fleece Teiwaz.