Jera In the scope of the rune Jera includes everything that relates to the crop or pozhinaniya fruit, that is, those results, which makes your work and effort you expended. By using this rune will probably be used when you expect tangible results from, for example, money is also built on the basis of spells will contribute to the successful completion of a project or case, in which you have invested much time and labor . Some modern practices runes believe that they can try to advance "secure" it. To do so, even before the start of it, or make up paternoster amulet made of wood, stone or bone. You can also apply it to any object which will be directly involved in this case or who work during the project will be permanently in your eyes. Perhaps such a paternoster or amulet will help and if the half-way to success encountered obstacles to start a favorable outcome. In addition, some of the most pragmatic of modern practitioners runes volshby think that Jera is able to attract as money to the project, which in one way or another is involved, this rune, that sown, have to be concise - with this point of view is very pragmatic Jera rune and the Magic has the power to relieve the road events. The use of the runes in volshbe requires of paternoster make (or rather, to spend) as their moral force, and to part with a considerable share of power.