Kenaz Using runes Kenaz at volshbe offers very great opportunities.

First of all, Kenaz peculiar "to bring inspiration, but it is not conducive to mystical ecstasy, a creative combustion, therefore, considered that it patronized artists and artisans. Practically, this translates as follows: runes paternoster Kenaz, on the one hand, contributes to the smooth formation of the most creative idea, but on the other - makes it more productive and happy, the process of translating, giving his hand fidelity, precision and firmness.

Use runu Kenaz at all would be worth all of whose activities in some way connected with the work. For those who are not interested in the magic of art as such (although in terms of staroskandinavskoy tradition of any arts and crafts is the most that either have the magic of art), would be sufficient to keep a picture of the runes. It is also recommended to make a talisman with the image. From Kenaz dispersed as a symbol of darkness torch next aspect involves the use of the magical runes - this time it was a darkness of ignorance. Kenaz protects researchers and scientists, all of those in the old days was called "scientific recluse, and in modern times is called" book worms ". Spells, on the basis of the runes facilitate smooth and fruitful course of study. Those who are not confident in their power or to dissuade their labor is worth to keep on your desktop, any object with the three put on a depiction of runes Kenaz. This is a simple paternoster bring them peace of mind, creates high spirits. Under the special patronage of Kenaz are also searching for the mystical or occult knowledge, and if you talk about how to use the runes, the most effective are the talismans.

On the basis of Kenaz often also spells for preserving - in this case, they are intended to provide protection and assistance to anyone who is engaged in research in the field of magic and the practice of any of the occult teachings.

Some researchers polazayut runes that Kenaz was also closely linked to specific actions or magic rituals, in which it weakens, strengthens or alters the course of them and, consequently, the final result. However, since knowledge of the technical aspects of magical art varies from one school to another, and necessarily passed on from master of pupil, give any advice and foolish and pointless. It should be mentioned unless the possibility of using Kenaz in love magic, but it is a potion privorotnogo.

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