Laguz The basic purpose of rune Laguz in runic spells is to enhance mental abilities, that is all that in one way or another connected with the occult sphere, with volshboy and area paranormal. Many described the application of the magical runes, consider it almost a "runoy psychologists, attributing her ability to get rid of complexes and fears, stabilize emotionally or mentally bad situation - that is to return lost mental balance. In addition, based on Rune Laguz spells exacerbate and reinforce the intuitive perception of the world, providing assistance not only to explore the secret sciences, but also in establishing the so-called contact with the subconscious. Since witchcraft and volshba, at least in the most extreme manifestations are associated with women, Laguz is considered to be extremely beneficial to women runoy. Laguz is very effective in finding and disclosing the fact that it was hidden, with regard to this as a deep knowledge and treasures, or those things that were once hidden, but the location of caches them turned out for any reason forgotten. On the other hand, the Laguz rune spells and use it to contribute to marry, establish new friendships and the restoration of old, to stop the quarrels and discord.