Nauthiz Runes serve beer in volshbe primarily protective function, allowing you to recognize the betrayal and are protected against fraud. Suspecting that his deception forced, to drink a poisoned beer, Egil causes the horn to the runes, one of which Nauthiz. It is believed that this rune protects against venom poisoning, as well as the excessive abuse of alcohol, therefore, recommend leaving the reception, dinner or a presentation, took a fetish for this runoy or undermine its image on the clothes. Nauthiz embodies fire desires, which can be as destructive, and creative. Working with this runoy requires practice not so much personal force, but a significant experience, since Nauthiz is a very strong runoy and used incorrectly, can break down, "burn down" all for which you are accessing this Rune. It requires endurance and self-control, since then, which will be sent to fire the desire "depends entirely on the will of magician. In this aspect, Fleece Nauthiz very effective in sexual and love magic, playing the role privorotnogo potion. Overcoming difficult situation - "want" - requires working with runoy a certain restraint in emotions and actions, but on the other hand, spells it contributed to exercise this restraint. Thus, Nauthiz helps overcome the stress, counteract hatred, and help resolve differences and disputes. Sometimes the spells it can strengthen faith and give strength to the resistance to external circumstances.

Nauthiz extremely rare in composite talisman (knitted runes) or composite spells (Group runes written in the string). In spells, built on its basis, it refers primarily yourself and the your needs and desires that guide you to find a partner, so work with it requires great caution.