Perth Overall, Perth is considered to be favorable, though very unreliable runoy. The scope of its activities include assistance with fertility and childbirth, on the one hand, and aid in divination and magic - on the other. Perth is a success at work, a rotating wheel of Fortune. It is believed that Perth is able to initiate and facilitate the process of qualitative change of consciousness at any level, in some cases, the impact of the magical runes similar to the effects Hagalaz - that is, paternoster, composed on the basis of Perth, may give the same impetus that was needed to break out of the "vicious circle" formed by intrusive thoughts and their events. Platov indicates that the use of runes in the magical Perth purposes could lead to the commission of an act of "mental death" - breaking the causal and astral links between past and future rights. In some situations, this can benefit and provide the desired result, rather than in other prosperous settlement of this situation, this may lead only to exacerbate it, "weights and duration of personal karma karma knots. It follows that work with runoy Perth, in particular its use to volshby requires reasonable care. Working well with spells runoy Perth, purpose is to assist in the development of various ideas and theories, including magic. Torian believes that this runu successfully, you can use when searching for treasures or lost items, in addition, since one of the options in the name of this rune means "dice", Perth sponsored gambling, and desperate gamblers. Some practices feel that through the runes Perth, you can try to influence and scope of finance, particularly in regard to everything that relates to the Gambling and Risk: stock shares, "scroll" of money and, in general, any transaction with a monetary contribution. In components Mascots runu Perth include not recommended - because of too unpredictable "nature" of the runes and the inability to predict its effect in combination with other trademarks.