runes of victory,
                 If you have sought it, --
                 engrave them
                 on a sword handle
                 and double litter name Tyura!
Fields of application of magical runes of victory Teiwaz like divides: on the one hand, the protection and healing, for example, received a wound in battle, on the other hand, it is used to give a hand and the mind firm, to strengthen faith and make a lethal blade. With protective purposes were created as talismans and spells based on Teiwaz, whose appointment was to protect the person from unfairly imposed curse. The same is true for the "damage" or "evil eye" - all that is usually referred to let the primitive but quite effective dark sorcery. Modern practice has managed to combine both of these areas, since the modern tradition runnoy volshby believes that rune Teiwaz most effective as a weapon in the fight, which "leads people chaos self. By strengthening the will and intellect, Teiwaz helps them to organize, to structure the internal turmoil of emotions, emotions, ragged, nedodumannyh thoughts, experiences of fuzzy, vague images, and more that, according to the teachings of Freud, is our subconscious.