Thurisaz The use of runes in Thurisaz volshbe has a wide array of features, although generally considered that the strength of this powerful runes are several baleful shade. " Practice runic volshby think that is particularly useful spells with it to those involved in any kind of research, they also contribute to self-Sama Fleece Thurisaz favors meditation. Carved on a large cabochon obsidianovom, it is a perfect mascot for meditation.

Used in order to rune magic spells Thurisaz and on its basis are able to, somehow or strukturiruya chaos - at a landing level - allowing you to see certain patterns in the seemingly chaotic pile of events, to help clarify the unfortunate situation for you - as existential, as well as domestic. Moreover, through they can also try to influence the course of events so that the situation has developed in your favor. The ability to Thurisaz cleansing, clarifying the confusing situation allows her to build on the basis of spells, which are protected from hostile volshby and a curse - Thurisaz as it neutralizes their effect. Perhaps the use of the runes and sexual magic.

When paternoster through any runes, and in particular Thurisaz, should never be taken lightly refers to the selection of runes complementary actions. For example, many practices believe that the combination Thurisaz with Bercana, symbolizing the 'cosmic marriage' asa Torah with the Great Mother, has an impact on the underlying LUTs reality, and use a combination of runes volshbe be with great caution.