Uruz The magic of the runes sympathetic. Uruz itself reflects the first attempt to penetrate human archetypes deep level of reality, which operate and runes, or to act at the level of sympathetic magic. This Rune is inextricably merged masculine and feminine aspects. The work of this runoy in the ritual or act volshby, a man returns to its original essence, as if pripadaya to the source of Urd to quench their thirst neprohodyaschuyu forces and present a true, eternal love. And Uruz helps in this, giving the men masculinity and femininity for women, both - self-confidence in their abilities and opportunities.

Rune embodies the unrestrained force of life, and it is this irrepressible, brim over energy, while arousing runoy Uruz, the ability to serve as a kind of catalyst for the events to defuse heated the situation or bring it before the explosion.

Paternoster created through Uruz, well used also to create in their lives, a new situation, to bring to her new circumstances only at the expense of willed effort, and without resorting to more concrete and "gross" impact on the ways of their own destiny. Used Uruz and when you want deep self.

In addition Uruz rune is used in medicine, especially in the case where the patient had weakened and he needs more strength. Female aspect of the runes there is a potential natural energy that has healing properties. Uruz also helps to maintain good physical shape.

As the rune Uruz equally embodied and male and female principle, this rune is considered to be particularly conducive to the paternoster, which are the emergence and consolidation of love or friendship, the conclusion of a lasting marriage, emergence of reliable partnership.