Wunjo The use of runes volshbe Wunjo, which belongs to runam thought, refers to the external rather than to the inner world of man. The effect of this rune is always positive and is designed to give pleasure to anyone who works with her. Spells on the basis of the runes contribute to the completion of any enterprise, and, and not least, support for human desire to achieve the goal. In addition, put on a door stud Fleece Wunjo sometimes makes a major contribution to the creation of psychological comfort in the room. If its put on a garment, it may not only improve the mood of those clothes this is, but also to strengthen its friendship and the love connection, to eliminate exclusion in the relationship with relatives, and sometimes even contribute to the advancement of career. < br />
Like Rune Raido, Wunjo brings success traveling. As runoy synthesis, or, as it is also otherwise known as "runoy connection", Wunjo indispensable in the manufacture of runic talismans.