The magic of the north

At the North there was no division of magic into black and white. Magic was considered a good, if it was directed to the benefit and the poor, if it was directed at harm. It was estimated that by the result, rather than a means to achieve it.

Can be distinguished:
  • spells (songs and magic formulas, made aloud)
  • magical signs (runes) carved in stone or other material
  • magic drink
  • magical singing.
It was in the north and forbidden magic. It may include NDI and manseg. If the skald says NDI and could not provide proof that he could not otherwise (it was necessary to provide two witnesses), he could be sentenced to life in exile from the country, or outlaw (everyone has the right to kill him).

In most cases, NDI - hulitelnaya this song. There are NDI-pole.

Drapa - Talks song, read aloud or cut. Drapa has a positive effect on people.