Who to Odin waste onye mansion he immediately recognizes: wolf is suspended sunset over the door, and there is also an eagle circled. Tryumheym - Shumny -- sixth, where the first lived Tyatsi, mighty yotun; Father on site Bride of God SCADA is now clear. Breydablik - sequins -- seventh, where Baldr a horominu built; I also know, that in this place wickedness - a rather infrequent. Himinberg - Nebogore -- Eighth yard where Heymdall, known, temples rules; in horomine well-groomed God guard Happy drink your good health. Folkvang - the ninth, Ratne where Frey places in the table gives: chtodnevno of the fallen takes half the other owns the Odin. Glitnir - the tenth, Bright, where gold reliance, silver roof, Forseti is the time cheat every day, any litigation judge. Noatun - Navy -- Odinnadtsaty where the Nerd smoothed over a chamber It is not flawless, he was the prince of men and in the temples of high regulation. "Speeches Grimnira" From heaven to earth Asgagd (Midgard) leads rainbow bridge Bivrest.

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