Asgagd - celestial castle, dwelling Asov.

One - the head of Norse gods, husband of the goddess Frigg, and father of all other Asov. In Asgagd chambers located one - Valgalla, which come in the battle of fallen heroes. In Valgalle they are addressed to "eynherii. Valkyrie (constituent martyrs ") - Virgin One escorted the fallen heroes in Valgallu and potchuyut them there Peeroo. Warriors piruyut in anticipation of last battle Ragnarek.

In speeches Sigrdrivy "to Valkyr says:
  Christ and Misto
                  Let me hold the horn,
                  Skeggeld and Skegul,
                  Hilde and Labor,
                  Hlenk and Herfetur,
                  Gel and Geyrahed.
                  Randgrid and Ragrid
                  And also Reginleyv
                  Tsedyat beer eynrihiyam.
Here's what Odin himself said Asgagd:
  Here, I see
                  Holy Land
                  near asov and Alva;
                  Trudheym, Courtyard power --
                  Toru housing
                  as long as no sgibnut justice.

                  Idalir field --
                  Valley tisov --
                  Ull there except mansions;
                  Freire drevle
                  gave Alvheym
                  gods to Zubok.

                  This is the third court:
                  a higher justice
                  Kromah silver wings;
                  Valskyalv called
                  yard, that ancient
                  keeps itself al.

                  Sekkvabekk - the fourth --
                  Bench, on which
                  hladnye waves break;
                  where Odin and Saga
                  that the golden day
                  to drink the cup of happiness.

                  Gladsheym - yard fifth,
                  Encouragingly, where Valgalla
                  zlatozarna, have;
                  there Hroft elect
                  chtodnevno killed in battle.

                  Who to Odin waste
                  onye mansion
                  he immediately recognizes:
                  shelter there - tarchi,
                  Spearhead - rafter,
                  on benches stlany hauberk.


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