Dvargheym - the world dvergov. Located in the ground.

"... The gods sat on their thrones, and keep the Council and remembered dwarf that start in the soil and deep in the earth, like worms in the dead body. Midgets appeared first in the body of Ymir, and they were really worms. But by the will of the gods, they have acquired the human mind and took the face of people. they live, but well, in the ground and rocks. Modsognir was a senior, and second - Durin. "

Dvergi (Tsvergi) - skilful goldsmiths and blacksmiths. Dvergi forged necklace Brizingamen for Frey hair for Siv "of gold, which grew to like this," had forged a tie-up Gleypnir for Fenrira-Wolf.

Kvasir - a dwarf, famous for its wisdom. Out of his blood mixed with honey, a honey of poetry.