Hell - a world of cold and death, housing Hell. The world is located to the north and down.

"Angbrodoy giantess named one of the country's giants. From it was born from Loki has three children. The first son of Fenrir, Wolf, the other - Yormungand, it is the World Serpent, and a daughter - Hell..."

"Wet Spray called her chamber, her dish Hunger, exhaustion - her knife slugabed - servant, Sonia - maid, attack - leaning on the threshold of the lattice. SDT illness - bed Beware Kruchina - its canopy. It is half blue and half - Color meat, and it is easy to recognize because it kind of slouch and she fell. "
  "Flowing from the east
                     the flow of harmful
                     blades and blades --
                     Slid, sirech spiteful;

                     stands in the north
                     in Dark Earth
                     house of gold --
                     in the tribe's syndrome;
                     the other is
                     Woe to Negasimoy --
                     housing yotunov --
                     called Brimir;

                     third set
                     away from the sun
                     on the shores of the Dead
                     door to the north:
                     poison kaplet
                     the house through Dymnikov,
                     all he povit
                     bodies snake;

                     I saw ford
                     through a serious water
                     and the murderer,
                     and those who are strangers
                     seduce wives,
                     go, and cold
                     gnaw at the corpses
                     Wolf and Nidhegg. "