Muspelheym - peace flame. Located in the south.

"It's bright and hot country, everything in it and lit ablaze. And there is not access to those who do not live there and there is not a race. Syrte call someone who sits on the edge of Muspellya and protects. In his hand he had a flaming sword and, when the end of the world, he will battle to the gods and all their wins and burn in the flame of the world. So this is said in the "prophecy velvy:
 Syrte traveling from the south
                       with gubyaschim branches
                       sun shining
                       swords to the gods;
                       crumble mountains
                       mrut giantess,
                       in Hel are people
                       split the sky. "
From the sparks that flew from Muspelheyma gods made the sun.