"Odin mastered the art of changing its shape, as wanted. He also possessed the art of speaking so eloquently and smoothly, that everyone who listened to him, his words seem true. In his speech, it was also as that now called poetry. He and his priests called the masters of the songs, because they took this art in the Nordic countries. Odin could do so, that his enemies in battle to become blind or deaf, or filled with horror, and their weapons are not wounded more than a twig, and his warriors stay in the fight without a coat of mail. "

"All those arts taught Odin runami and songs, which are called spells. Odin possessed and the arts, which is all powerful. It was called witchcraft. With his help, he could learn the fate of people have not yet occurred, but also cause people to disease, misfortune and death, as well as to take people mind or force, and send them to others.

This art is his fame. He trained his priests to most of their art. They yield to the wisdom of witchcraft and only him. Yes, and others have learned a lot from him, and because witchcraft is spread and kept a long time. People worshiped Odin and the twelve High Priest. "

Description of Misteria Holu:

"Mr. Odin carried out in the caves, whose number was equal to nine, and who represented Nine Worlds Misteria. A candidate seeking admission to the mystery was to return to life Baldra. Although the candidate does not understand this, he played the role Baldra. He called himself a stranger, the cave was a symbol of the worlds and spheres of Nature. Priests, who dedicated it represented the sun, moon and stars.

After several hours of walks in the labyrinth of corridors, the candidate brought to the statue Baldra beautiful, the prototype of all initiated in the mysteries. Dedicated glorified as a man born again: it was told that he died and was born again, not passing the gates of death ".