"Runatal" ( "Song of the runes") - part of the "speeches High" (elder Edda) which describes the mystical epiphany Odin and the emergence of runes:
 138. Official Gazette to me that I was hanging
                   On the windy tree
                   Nine whole nights,
                   Pierced spear,
                   Given Odin,
                   On the tree of which no one knows
                   From its roots go back.

              139. They did not give me any food,
                   Neither horn (drink);
                   I looked down,
                   I caught runes,
                   And as he taught them, so crying
                   And then I fell down.

              140. Nine songs of force
                   I Postig from the famous
                   Son Boltorna, father Bestly;
                   And I was able to make a mouthful
                   Precious honey
                   Taken from Odrerira.

              141. And then I became a fruitful
                   And wisdom;
                   I grew up and succeeded;
                   And the word followed by the words
                   For me;
                   It should cause
                   With me.

              142. You'll find runes
                   And the letters that read,
                   Very strong characters,
                   Very strong characters,
                   Which mighty wise extracted,
                   And higher strength wrought,
                   And Hropt gods carved.

In different worlds runes yielded: in Asgagd - the Odin, in Alvheym - Daina in Dvargheym - Dvalin in Yotunheym - Alsvid.