Runes and divination

To get started with runami at all, and not only on the divination runes, get to know themselves runami, ways to deal and interpretation runes. You can also take notes on what runes fell in the scenario and how they were interpreted. Fix even the layout, which you think is meaningless, because over time it may become clearer and you will understand where the mistake in the interpretation.
Prepare for divination. In divination, it is important to achieve peace of mind. Runam allowing free fall from the bags in canvas, saying: "Urd, Verdandi, Skuld." Then, turning them back to the party mix of circular motion of his right hand, proizn

Runic classifications. Here are the most common classifications...

Interpretation of runes
Interpretation runes. Staroskandinavskaya system of divination using a classic series of the 24 runes. The system uses 25 R. Blum runes: 24 classic and Blank Fleece (Fleece Odin). The system appeared in the twentieth century. Nortumbriyskaya system of div