Once the runes are made, should distribute them randomly on a white cloth to enter into contact with the sacred energy, would receive more information in the projections.

Do not ask too many questions runam for Odin times. Runes always describe the present situation and current status. In divination, try to raise the issue specifically.

In divination, it is important to achieve peace of mind.

Runam allowing free fall from the bags in canvas, saying: "Urd, Verdandi, Skuld." Then, turning them back to the party mix of circular motion of his right hand, proiznosya: "O mighty Odin, ruler runes wisdom, love Frey, the goddess of love and beauty, lead me to the ways of wind, fire, earth and water, give a true reading of runes. Yes be so. " Then choose the most "severe" rune and tell them, in accordance with the selected layout.