Algiz ALGIZ: security, sedge, or reed, was

Sound: [z]

Direct situation. It is essential the control of emotions. During the change, turns in the life course and accelerated samoizmeneniya crucial to resist the emotions - and the pleasant and unpleasant. For this sign is characterized by new opportunities and challenges. But he is accompanied by the abuse and adverse effects. This rune serve to mirror the Warrior Spirit - the one who engaged in battle with itself. Security Warrior is similar to the warning schoroh sedge or curved horns of an elk - both helping to support the surrounding free space. Keep in mind that timely action and correct behavior - the only thing that dyet this protection.

converse. Be aware of your health, carefully follow the links that make up you have at this time, and do not increase the burden on others. If you feel comfortable to enter into a relationship with people who "use" you, remember this and take on responsibility for its position - but can only win.