Bercana BERCANA: growth, rebirth, birch

Sound: [b]

Direct situation. This symbol indicates fertility, which promotes the growth and symbolically and realistically. Growth can refer to the daily affairs, to the relationship with his "I". This "excretory" Fleece, in the sense that it leads to the flowering and ripening. This requires insight into the things that awareness and caution. All the dark corners should be cleaned: this must be done carefully, sometimes need help kvalifikatsirovannaya.

converse. event or, more likely, character traits hinder the growth of new life. You may feel discouraged because of the inability preldprinyat the correct action. But it requires not discouraged, but the diligence and thoroughness. Examine what happened, their role in this, their needs and those of others. Impenetrate until you can not determine all pripyatstviya growth in this situation.