Fehu FEHU: ownership, food, livestock

Sound: [f]

Direct situation. This is a rune of performance: satisfy ambition, received awards, happy love. The label calls for a deeper study of the acquisition and the essence of winning in your life. Carefully priglyadites - is whether that is necessary for your well-being, wealth and property, or in the possession of itself and strengthen the will. Another meaning of this rune relates to conservation has been achieved. Enjoy your good luck and do not forget to share it.

converse. In your life can be a significant disturbance, loss of property - from minor to very serious. Maybe you'll have to bespomoschno sit and watch as what you become, begins to disappear. Even if there is povol for fun, not to fall into the mindless fun. Reversed, this rune indicates that uncertain situations are abundant and come in many forms and shape. In dealing with the shadow side of this sign, you can recognize what is your podlennoe food.