Kenaz KENAZ: disclosure, fire, flame

Sound: [k]

Direct situation. This rune disclosure update clarity, scattering the darkness, covered a part of your life. In relationships there can be mutual disclosure. You can serve as a launching hook, chronometer, realizing that the light of understanding is available to you both again. Understand that even the one hand, you are limited and dependent on the other hand, you suschestvuete as the center point, where, merging, emits harmonizing and beneficial force the universe. You are the center. Simply put, if you have previously operated in the dark, now around enough light to see that patient on operating table - you.

converse. Wait overshadowed by in a situation or relationship. Maybe kill a friendship, partnership, marriage, or any part of your identity, no longer valid and useful. This sign requires that you gladly dropped back and were ready for some time to live with the emptiness inside: it requires the development of inner space - the ability to resist the inertia of old ways while waiting for new ones, which in the period leading to the light.