Sowulo SOWULO: integrity, vitality, zhnergiya sun

Sound: [s]

Direct and converse match. This sign symbolizes the desired integrity of our nature. He embodies the desire for self-realization and shows the way that you should keep, not for some hidden reasons. Search the integrity - it is the task of the Warrior Spirit. But you are, by their very nature, already a fact, than trying to become. You must understand its essence - its personvlny myth - ipridat him formts, creatively express it. With boshim power, this sign makes eiznennuyu force available to you and indicates the time vosstanavleniya down to cell level. But you can step back, finding themselves in the face of pressing situation - one of the Arts Warrior Spirit. At the same time, for some, this rune contains disclosure board, skipped the light in the area of life, which was a mystery, enclosure.