Thurisaz THURISAZ: gate location nedeyaniya

Sound: [th]

Direct situation. This is a rune nedeyaniya. It therefore can not be closer to the gate and go through them without rasmyshleniya. Predstavte imagine that you stand in front of the gate at the top of the mountain. All of your life left behind at the bottom. Before going forward, stop and remember the past: learning and joy, victory and grief - all that has led you here. Okinte all of this look, bless all of this and release. Rid of the past, you vosstanvalivaete their energy. Now shagnite beyond the gates.

converse. This sign requires you thought. Hasty decisions in this period may cause regret, because you most likely will act on the weakness of deceiving themselves about their motives, and creating new problems, many bad ones that you pyvaetes resolved.