Uruz URUZ: power, masculinity, femininity

Sound: [u]

Direct situation. It is a sign of completion and new beginnings. It shows that your life has grown beyond its form, that the energy eizni could become the new. What is happening now, could induce you to suffer "death" within sobvstvennoy personality. Remember that new life, vegda better than the old. Get a new opportunity, apparently looking like a loss. Look to the ashes - and then open a new perspective and new birth.

converse. It may seem that you used to your own strength. For some, this will mark a signal of alarm, and minor setbacks and razocherovaniya will insinuatingly. For others - more unfeeling and ignorant - he bydet linked to severe shock. Reversed, this rune requires a serious analysis of your relationship to the self. But not to deviate from the path of darkness. Once glubokovode, learn to dive.