Weird WEIRD: unknowable, the god Odin (Rune Pure)

Direct and converse match. Void - this is the end, the emptiness - this is the beginning. Here is unknowable tells you that it was in motion in your life. This blank contains powerful capabilities. Empty and at the same time full of content, it covers the full life, all that must be fulfilled. Favor what is happening and a willingness to it - a requirement of the runes. because as you can to control that have not yet formed? Runa This often requires an act of courage, such a leap into the void with empty hands. Her appearance - a direct test of your return. On the one hand, the Net Fleece represents karmic forces - the full amount of what you have done, and the boundaries of what you are and become. On the other hand, the Rune teaches that even the old debts of karma shift and change simultaneously with the changes and you grow. Nothing is predetermined: it is not such which could not be avoided.