Wunjo WUNJO: joy, light

Sound: [w]

Direct situation. This rune - plodonosnaya branch. The period ended in agony, and you are in a sense "came to himself." There was a necessary move, and now you are free to reap its fruits - whether they belong to the material vyigrasham to your emotional life or to the highest sense of their own welfare. This alchemical stage, kagda knowledge is transformed into understanding. Joy accompanies fresh energy, hitherto blocked. There is a new clarity that may require you to non-existing plans, ambitions and goals.

converse. The process is long and difficult birth. The crisis, severe stage - albeit short - very close. We need thinking and reflection, because light and shadow more intertwined, and the doubts, the fluctuations can overshadow the joy, if you do not understand that their time is now. Seen in the right light, everything is a test. Focus on the present, truly belong to other, and trusting what happens to you, you can not fail.