Ac First runoy fourth Atta is Ac, phonetically, the rune transmits a short sound [A] and indicates the Oak tree. In all European cultures, is dedicated to the god of oak Gromoverzhtsu, under whatever name it is spoken.

Slavs worshiped in the form of Gromoverzhtsu Peruna, Lithuanians - Perku-nas, while the ancient Greeks to worship him as Zeus, as in ancient Rome as Jupiter. Utah, in the IV-V AD ceded Sonderjylland danam came from the north and moved to the British Isles, knew him as the Dagda, while the Celts worshiped in the form of Gromoverzhtsu Taranisa, Scandinavians - the Torah.

At the mystical level rune Ac represents the acorn, in which the Druids saw the nature of the model reproduced the space eggs, there is a powerful potential energy required to move to the origin of life and growth. Folklore in the various European genera in one form or another has kept us saying: "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow".

At the mundane level runoy Ac ability to bind to the mighty growth, which in today's world is understood as elevation, whether it be in fame, career or material wealth. However, as the acorn will not be able to grow a tree, if the juices will not eat the earth, and human lifetime is not given rise, if it is, going to their objectives, will seek her Odinochestve, without taking the trouble first of an ongoing reliable support and forgetting their roots.