Beork Eighteenth Fleece phonetically sound marks [B].

The value of the runes is formed around the word or the concept of "birch", which is a symbol of the northern tradition of cleansing and rebirth.

Old runic poem spoke on this occasion the following:
 Runa Beork - if the first germ of the field
           rime of misty.
           Tree will not bear fruit,
           but grows without sowing,
           toothed helmets itching
           leaves his heaven.
Beork - account for the eighteenth, but the number of runes that seemed as twice the number of ninth sacred runes Hagal and indicates a new beginning. As a parent Fleece Hagal, Beork correlated with the root of all things, but if the parent Fleece describes this "root" as the crystalline grain structure as a model of the universe, the rune Beork spoke of him as a grain, from which this universe itself. That is, if you pass the first level cycle-helix Futhark deals with static, then in the second passage - on the dynamics and growth.