Cen The sixth rune called Cen, Torch, and transmits the sound phonetically [K]. This Odin of the runic symbols, which is almost complete with a picture of severoitaliyskih alphabet, in which it was similar to the Latin letter. Later, during the formation of Futharkov, this mark is likely to pass symbolic image "kienspanr", pine kindling, which could be used to illuminate the premises.

Old runic poem says:
 Fakel - this is live fire,
                  bright and shining.
                  More often, it ablaze, where
                  noble men
                  rest in peace.
Runa Cen, which graphically in a later version of his to the form of "kienspanhalter", a stand, in which plant burning pine kindling. So for once, rune symbolizes light and lighting. If we talk about a timetable runes, the Cen is a straight vertical trunk with the aspirations of up-shoots, which is also the symbol of an active start. In so doing it on the representations of the founders nortumbriyskogo runes row, almost directly opposite Odinnadtsatoy Rune Is. The latter consists of a straight vertical line that embodies a static start.

At the mystical level of Cen is runoy mysteries transfiguration or transformation, personified a mystical creation. In kindling resinous pine trees destroyed by fire, but wood and sizzling fiery speaker becoming light and warmth. Thus, in terms of mysticism in the union and the mutual transformation of two separate entities there is a third, not the former. In later practice, the interpretation of the meaning of the runes the concept, considering it as a mystical symbol of rebirth after death in his own flames.

However, the content of mystical runes Cen is not exhausted, because the system of runic knowledge no matter whether the runes used for divination, magic or comprehension of the internal sense of phenomena requires the consideration of the totality of the phenomenon or process. Burning, pine kindling scatters the darkness, illuminating the room. At the mystical level, it is understood as the ability runes Cen change in light and darkness at all levels, it symbolizes that allows a person to see. A vision is defined as the ability to clear-sightedly to judge what is happening when it comes to worldly situations, or as the ability to magical arts and the acquisition of hidden knowledge. The latter probably also can be attributed to the Celtic influence. Nortumbriyskoe (possibly Anglo-Saxon) Name of Cen sister Celtic word "cen", means "knowing, powerful." In Gaelic, and some dialects of English "ken" means "knowledge".