Dag Twenty-fourth runoy a rune Dag, indicating phonetically sound [D].

In the Russian language name of the runes translated as "day".
 Light impossible without the darkness, and there is no day without night,
         Dag Rune - the balance of power talisman --
described in the Old runes poem.

Dag is runoy bright lights of the day, especially in its heyday. At the mundane level, Dag - extremely beneficial rune of light, health and welfare. In addition, this Fleece half-day as the turning point of the day, and mid-summer. In these last of its aspects, ie, playing the role of certain milestones, Dag rune observes the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

At the mystical level, the modern theory sees Dag Rune embodiment outer consciousness, as its name implied, the daylight is considering as a source of clarity, consciousness, inspiration and joy. The graphic style of this rune symbolizes in terms of esoteric balance between opposites, given that Dag is runoy day, it is a matter of a balance of light and darkness.

As drafted Druid Ogham tree calendar, as in the runic-year cycles, the corresponding letter Dag Rune Duir denotes mid-summer. Consideration of both runes Dag and letters Duir allows open Odin general aspect of the content. Both refer to a certain door, which is located at the point of meeting half of the outgoing light with half the light is added.