Eh Nineteenth runoy is Eh, indicating phonetically sound [E]. In a literal translation of its name means "horse".
 horse for the pleasure of the owner proudly supports,
         Best among equals often nice horse --
said Old runic poem.

In manticheskoy system nortumbriyskogo Futhark runu Eh usually seen as related to the twins, with a sister and sister relationship, as well as sensual, irrational perception of the world, like the intuitive connection between horse and rider. Thus, in the mundane level, Eh denotes the trust and loyalty.

A mystical interpretation sees in the image of the horse movement, or areas that are required for pre Odolen barriers to knowledge. The horse is a sacred animal in many Indo-European cultures; related representations are grouped around a mystical journey between worlds, and the horse or horses are essential for crossing the line between them.