At the mystical level runu Eoh, runu tree that serves as a gateway from one world to another, is considered runoy death. However, the same tradition nortumbriyskaya finds strength and influence of this rune generally positive, which is related to longevity tisovyh trees and their ability to resurrection.

Mundane level runes Eoh also linked to tisom, but with a different aspect of it. From the yew wood in the Nordic countries made copies of the flagpole and arrows and heavy fighting bows. Until the mid-IX century, the British State remains a temporary or life-long slavery, possess the same military weapons were only allowed to free people. However, a good blade or a spear with an iron tip could afford only the rich people or druzhinniki located in the service of the King or one of his tanov. Onions, on the other hand, remained a popular weapon. Due to this, tisu generally attribute the protective properties of steel, and is gradually Fleece Eoh for mundane level, is considered runoy over boards.

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